updated: 20.12.2016


“Towards a Bright Future” being the slogan of Istanbul Aydin University, it is not surprising to come across our graduates at the height of their careers. Istanbul Aydin University is both a city and a campus university with its campus located at the center of Istanbul and with its experienced academic staff well-known for their scientific works in our country and the world.


The first thing you will notice when you step into the campus will be its vitality. You may encounter an event at any time of the day in Istanbul Aydın University with constant energy and activity. At IAU, in addition to theoretical training, we know the importance of understanding practical training where you might find yourself in a lead role in a short film, in the middle of conducting a research or you might find yourself accompanying a song-along.


It is not surprising to find IAU students when you go abroad. While Istanbul Aydin University ERASMUS program has many outgoing students, it also welcomes many incoming international students. Being aware of the possibilities in scientific research and superior technology and with “Technological University” principle, taking steps towards  foreign languages, food, mechatronic and computer labs students have unlimited access to the most advanced technology. In this context, it is not a coincidence that Istanbul Aydin University has Turkey’s largest Techno Center.


By applying and gaining the award of European Commission’s ECTS Label and DS Label, Istanbul Aydin University has now opened European doors for students graduating with a IAU diploma.


With the implementation of field application system, Istanbul Aydin University eliminates students' disadvantage of being "inexperienced."  Understanding of lifelong learning by supporting our students after graduation; Our career center provides continuous service to our students with career planning after graduation, many of our students work together with our partner cooperations for placement in their dream careers. During the academic year, students also gain experiences through either our spring festivals, academic seminars or through famous people’s life stories and their experiences.


"The Most Preferred Foundation University Since Its Establishment" Istanbul Aydin University, with its campuses in Bahcelievler and Florya, meets the expectations of the students and with its state-of-the-art techno centers, world famous research centers, and academic units and its ideal to become a "Global Unviersity", offers new opportunities with each passing day and continues to grow on its way "Towards a Bright Future."


Istanbul Aydın University adopts an understanding of excellence in education.

Our vision is to become a higher education institution where sustainable innovation prevails and individuals who will be beneficial to humanity are educated by gaining vocational competence in education programs keeping up with the changes.



Mission of Istanbul Aydın University is;

  • To be an institution that serves the community via education which puts forward the basic and applied interdisciplinary research and occupational competences and has a sound infrastructure keeping up to date, technologically enhancing the process of conversion of knowledge to production,
  • To maintain a campus to have graduates not only competent in their fields of profession but able actors in the global competition and aware of the professional environment with co-existing cultural differences.
  • To create national and international cooperations with Academic Environments, Businesses and NGOs,
  • To promote individuals and the society into lifelong learning,
  • To become center of attraction in national and international arena for students and academicians.


Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) was established on May 18, 2007, as an initiative of Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation,according to Law Number 5656 appendix-73 that was published in the Official Gazette dated 18. 05. 2007 and numbered 26526. Istanbul Aydin University was developed by the experience of Anadolu BIL College of Vocational Education, founded in 2003 with preexisting ties to an existing university, which in this sense was a unique example in Turkey. With the establishment of IAU, the two institutions came together under the same umbrella, granting both undergraduate (associate's and bachelor’s) and graduate degrees. Both IAU and ABMYO have roots in Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation (AKEV).

İstanbul Aydın University, one of the youngest and the most dynamic universities of our country which is heading toward global education and international progress, offers contemporary scientific studies, and serves not only our country but also humanity with its 11 faculties, 3 Vocational Schools, 3 Institutes, 28 Research Centers, 1,500 academic staff and 39,000 students.


İstanbul Aydın University, taking the advantage of the opportunities of international cooperation and solidarity, which is essential in international education, continues to have its voice heard in serving the nation in the fields of science and technology, while taking its proper place in the world with its contribution to education with all of its academic units in the local, national, and international arena.


Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation (AKEV) was founded in 1995 by Dr. Mustafa Aydın, together with a group of academicans and businessmen who believe that well-educated and trained individuals are the most important investment of a nation.


AKEV aims to raise our youth as responsible, continuously self-improving, productive, creative as well as exemplary and high skilled individuals  for our country and the world in goods and services sector.


With the principle of raising Turkish people especially our youth over global standards in every fields, Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation provides scholarships to students with low income and earthquake victims every year within the scope of collaborations between private sector and state enterprises  at other regions in Turkey.


Having a creative, constructive, compatible and challenging voice in its works in education and training towards its aims, AKEV contributes Turkish Higher Education with Istanbul Aydin University established in 2007 inclusive of Anadolu Bil Vocational School established in 2003 to create solutions for Turkish education of 21st century and to support the development of our education system, letting its contemporary, modern and innovative approach be felt.


AKEV, parallel to changing and improving needs of the humanity and our nation, is a bridge between our country, European Union and our well-trained workforce in social and scientific aspects in the fields of education, technology and science. Contributing skilled individuals to the society, AKEV continues to conduct scientific and technological works with its researchers and entrepreneurial members.  



There is an urgent need for skilled manpower; that can make use of information and technology, and who can speak at least one foreign language, eager to research in order to be able to fulfill society’s needs, in our modern times, to question and to create; of people who can renew and adapt themselves to different fields besides those of essential necessary life skills, who wish to participate and are universally capable of thinking and working individually.

Taking into account the demands of our times for well-qualified citizens in our country, we have contributed to their formation, providing high school and professional schools’ graduates with higher education opportunities, by putting an emphasis of being the first in this field in our country and establishing a foundational school for vocational higher education. With its renowned academic staff, its exceptional, modern and continuously updated programs, with the English preparatory vocational education program, implemented for the first time in Turkey, with the modern technical equipment, its ergonomic physical structure, pre-eminent solution partners, the international educational institutions that we are partnering with, through certification and unlimited freedom of learning as well as with all its rich social edifice, our institution is an educational entity which will ensure the necessary information and will induce in you the conscious, energetic entrepreneurship-creative spirit of the 21st Century.

In this sense, I strongly believe that, only on your shoulders, the Modern Turkey will be able to grow in the fields of science, technology and world politics and take its place among the leaders of the world.I wish our students to chose their professions and plan their careers as suitable as possible to be able to happily embrace their future.


And in order to make these wishes come true, we work tirelessly in our mission to become a model-university of the modern world. Believing that Istanbul Aydin University will undertake an important role in the educational development of our country, we are preparing younger generations to embrace the Turkish Republic’s indispensable and fundamental values which are at the base of our vision and goals we have committed and take responsibility for. We strongly believe that in the light of Ataturk’s principles, Istanbul Aydin University is going to educate students who will be able to represent the country worldwide and cultivate their acquired skills. Happily recognizing this, we believe that the journey of our country towards modernization will only gain speed through education.


Dr. Mustafa Aydın



The main driving force in the development of the community is education. There is no developed country that has not solved the problem of development with education before. Communities of uneducated people struggle with dark thoughts which are outdated, based on no specific data and which have no logical explanation. They do not see the danger coming from inside and outside during this struggle. And in a short time, they will be the colony, satellite, and source of livelihood of developed and powerful states.

The most important source is to use our collective mind to develop. The resource for that is information. Namely, it is education. It is a university where education is represented at the highest level. While describing a university, it is listed as; sector of society, focused on solving the problems of society, integrated with the world developing technologies and at the same time bringing these technologies to the country, carrying on their studies with free and independent contemporary thought, suffering from discomfort of community thinking precisely, sensitively, unselfishly and positively. The increasing number of universities, its spreading throughout the country, the expectations of young people who want to go to university are important criteria of the cultural development of a society. Every year, over one million young people who long for university, return from the gates of universities.

  • To train manpower in the branches and number needed by the country,
  • To disseminate enlightening scientific data by verbal, written and other means,
  • To offer a solution for training professionals,
  • To produce new education technologies,
  • To develop education and training principles.

All these are duties given to the universities determined as a higher education institution by law. For that reason, universities are reputable organizations including managers, researchers and scientists nested with every With these thoughts and this awareness, Istanbul Aydin University is a university having vision and mission, its targets having been determined .With its academicians, administrators and managers, it is determined to be a world class university of the future as a road map. It has performed the duties promised to the community with Anadolu BIL Vocational School, has exceeded the targets, has gained the confidence of our people and students for eight years. Our target is to increase this confidence with the faculties, colleges and institutions of Istanbul Aydin University.

Prof. Dr. Yadigâr İZMİRLİ


EBS : İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi Eğitim Öğretim Bilgi Sistemi İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi AKTS Bilgi Paketi AKTS Bilgi Paketi ECTS Information Package Avrupa Kredi Transfer Sistemi (AKTS/ECTS), Avrupa Yükseköğretim Alanı (Bologna Süreci) hedeflerini destekleyen iş yükü ve öğrenme çıktılarına dayalı öğrenci/öğrenme merkezli öğretme ve öğrenme yaklaşımı çerçevesinde yükseköğretimde uluslarası saydamlığı arttırmak ve öğrenci hareketliliği ile öğrencilerin yurtdışında gördükleri öğrenimleri kendi ülkelerinde tanınmasını kolaylaştırmak amacıyla Avrupa Komisyonu tarafından 1989 yılında Erasmus Programı (günümüzde Yaşam Boyu Öğrenme Programı) kapsamında geliştirilmiş ve Avrupa ülkeleri tarafından yaygın olarak kabul görmüş bir kredi sistemidir. AKTS, aynı zamanda, yükseköğretim kurumlarına, öğretim programları ve ders içeriklerinin iş yüküne bağlı olarak kolay anlaşılabilir bir yapıda tasarlanması, uygulanması, gözden geçirilmesi, iyileştirilmesi ve bu sayede yükseköğretim programlarının kalitesinin geliştirilmesine ve kalite güvencesine önemli katkı sağlayan bir sistematik yaklaşım sunmaktadır. ETIS : İstanbul Aydın University Education & Training System Istanbul Aydin University ECTS Information Package ECTS Information Package European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which was introduced by the European Council in 1989, within the framework of Erasmus, now part of the Life Long Learning Programme, is a student-centered credit system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme specified in terms of learning outcomes and competences to be acquired. The implementation of ECTS has, since its introduction, has been found wide acceptance in the higher education systems across the European Countries and become a credit system and an indispensable tool supporting major aims of the Bologna Process and, thus, of European Higher Education Area as it makes teaching and learning in higher education more transparent across Europe and facilitates the recognition of all studies. The system allows for the transfer of learning experiences between different institutions, greater student mobility and more flexible routes to gain degrees. It also offers a systematic approach to curriculum design as well as quality assessment and improvement and, thus, quality assurance.